Custom Handmade Bamboo Fly Rods in Bozeman Montana

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Depending on who you talk to there can be as many as 1,100 steps to making a bamboo rod. I have never actually counted them but it’s safe to say there are a lot. For me, within those steps, there is countless inspection to make sure that as the rod is being made every step is done with precision therefore ensuring perfection every step of the way. The attention given to even the most minute details are obvious in the finished rod.
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I enjoyed fishing as a young boy but not until a friend of mine put a fly rod in my hand as a teen did I truly begin to appreciate a true passion for it. Growing up in the bay area you had to drive for hours to reach most of my favorite places such as the McCloud, the Upper Sacto, Hat Creek or even the Merced. One evening on my long drive home I decided that since I was driving so far anyway I should make my way to Montana, being known for their Blue Ribbon water. So the next chance I got, off I went.
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About Montana Custom Cane Handmade Bamboo Fly Rods in Bozeman Montana